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Giant Wooden Kerplunk – your favourite lounge room game is now bigger and better! Giant Wooden Kerplunk will be a perfect game for any upcoming events you have. It is also an ideal game for a party, wedding, social gathering or community gathering. Similarly, you can have fun playing with Giant Wooden Kerplunk and create some amazing memories with your family and friends. Since, the game is made out of high quality wood and is sturdy. So, you can be sure about its quality and durability.

The aim of the game is to pull out a stick and not drop any ball. If the ball drops, then the same person who pulled the stick keeps the ball. Likewise, at the end of the game, the player with the least number of balls wins!

Giant Wooden Kerplunk Details:

  • Wooden Cage 1.5 Metres tall x 65 cm wide
  • Wooden Stand
  • 50 wooden Sticks
  • 30 natural Wooden Balls
  • Lid for easy ball drop
  • Weight is 15 kg

For Ages 3+ Years.

How To Play Kerplunk:

To begin with, players insert the wooden stick in the wooden cage and place the wooden balls on top of them. In Giant Wooden Kerplunk, each player gets a single turn and to decide which player or team gets to go first can be decided by simple coin toss. Players then have to carefully remove the wooden sticks one by one without dropping any wooden balls. Giant Wooden Kerplunk becomes more challenging when there are very few sticks in play. However, the number of balls dropped is counted against the respective player or team. As a result, whoever has the least number of balls dropped, wins the Giant Wooden Kerplunk game.

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