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The White Tree Trio

The White Tree Band is one of the freshest live outfits playing around Melbourne and Geelong.  We pride ourselves on our versatile instrumentation, tight live sound and varied repertoire to suit a range of modern events.  At one gig we’ll be performing suave jazz with a brass section and dazzling female vocalist, and at the next gig we’re rocking out tracks by The Stones, Daft Punk, Rhianna and The Black Keys.

3 Piece Band – This has the basic elements you need for a band…A singer (important for obvious reasons), a chord instrument (which is guitar or keyboard – this offers the harmonic structure), bass (this fills out the bottom end of the sound) and drums (vital for the dance sets later on…people get down and jiggy with the beat of the drums!). Our male singers double as either guitarists or keyboardists, so even though there are only 3 musicians, you still have a solid core band. This line up cannot include a female singer as she does not double as a chord instrumentalist.

The 3 piece can only be Male Vocals/Guitar, Bass and Drums OR Male Vocals/Keyboard, Bass and Drums. A good 3 piece is fine for the early on chilled sets, and ok for the dance sets, but repertoire is slightly limited, and sonically it doesn’t sound quite as rich and full as the bigger band sizes. It can also be a tiring gig for the singer as they need to cover all the vocals and all the chord parts by themselves. The 3 piece still does the job, and is good for the bottom line!

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