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Jax & Jais

The ultimate duo fit for any occasion; excited or relaxed, glamorous wedding or laid-back pub - this Acoustic Duo truly has it all...

Combining the amazing vocal talent of Jackson Thomas with the interestingly strong Guitar stylings of Jason Koris; Jax & Jais are an acoustic duo which have truly captivated their listeners. With 2 locals whom began their separate musical journey's since the age of 6, and joining forces in 2011 to shape an impressive catalogue of gigs, these two really have something special which is uncommon to the likes of a duo.

Performing regularly in venues such as The Barking Dog, Anglesea Hotel, Sporting Globe, Colac Pub, The Cremorne, countless Weddings (across the state & country) and Official gigs for the Melbourne Victory, there has been nothing but hype for these two 24 year olds...

From Adele to Red Hot Chili Peppers, LMFAO to Coldplay - Jax & Jais have an impressive songlist of over 150 tunes (and counting), when combined with the twist of exciting Loopers, stomp-box's from Jais & of course a truly knockout vocal performance from Jax, all that is left is to hear them for yourself and prepare to be blown away!

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