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Like This

‘Like This’ is a Six piece band based in Melbourne specialising in corporate functions, weddings and any event where excellent entertainment is required. The line up features both male and female lead vocalists giving the band great musical versatility and contrast; this is perfectly complemented by four-part harmonies and live instrumentation including smooth saxophone, drums, keyboard and guitar.

‘Like This’ boasts a highly dynamic  show ranging from smokey jazz to up beat favourites. So whether it be jazz, soul, modern hits, 80’s classics or rock and roll, the band has the repertoire and youthful flare to create the ideal atmosphere to cater to your event.

‘Like This’ is a band that simply loves to play music and thrives on audience interaction and the satisfaction of entertaining people. The members are childhood friends and this inherent chemistry is clearly shown in the quality of their performances.

So if you’re looking for premium entertainment, you’re looking for ‘Like This’.      

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